AHFA 2018 NSW Hairdresser Of The Year Finalist, Nathan Cherrington

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‘Furiosa’ by Nathan Cherrington
2018 AHFA NSW Hairdresser Of The Year

Congratulations to Nathan Cherrington on being a finalist for the AHFA NSW Hairdresser Of The Year. The following is a an abstract about his collection.

As the parched landscape shrivels beneath the soles of their feet, the threat of
permanent tyranny suffocates every inch of their bodies. Whilst an odyssey of
unimaginable terror awaits, the crippling existence within the Citadel
supersedes any possible trepidation. Scouring the expansive wasteland from
a heavily armoured truck, Furiosa commands their escape, a fearless warrior
on her own journey of redemption, ruthlessly committed to their combined

Citing George Millar’s cult action film Mad Max Fury Road as his creative
stimulus, 2017 AHFA Newcomer of the Year Nathan Cherrington presents an
innovative transcript that combines the film’s apocalyptic themes with a killer
high fashion aesthetic. By allowing his storyboard to move away from linear
re-production to the simulation of far more deep-rooted themes and
characteristics, the result is innovative and highly captivating.

Displaying a rich portfolio of skill and technique, the collection oscillates wildly
from commercial to editorial looks, whilst remaining totally cohesive via an
earthy palette in both hair colour and styling. The development of organic
shapes and textures are key within the presentation as the stylist creates
originality in architecture and finish inspired by the five elements of wood, fire,
earth, metal and water. Also noteworthy is the diverse appeal of the collection
that offers a commendable balance of short chewy cuts, billowing long hair
and trending metallic embellishments.

Furiosa is a brave collection by an artist committed to cementing a strong vein
of originality within his work. It is an evolutionary sequel to his 2017 collection
and an insight into a true shape shifter within the future hair fashion universe.

Hair: Nathan Cherrington
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Fashion Styling: Melissa Nixon
Make Up: Cherienne Waddell