AHFA 2018 Newcomer Finalist, Nichola Lovell

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‘Anime’ by Nichola Lovell
2018 AHFA Newcomer Finalist

Congratulations to Nichola Lovell on being a finalist for the AHFA Newcomer of the Year Award. The following is a an abstract about her collection

Anime (Japanese term for hand-drawn or computer animation)

Nichola’s love of all things Japan is the inspiration behind her latest colour collection, aptly titled, ‘Anime’.

Growing up Nichola had a love and fascination for Japanese pop-culture and was captured by this unique style of animation.

For her collection, Nichola found inspiration in some of her favourite Anime productions, and drew on her appreciation of characters from Sailor Moon, One Punch Man, Inuyasha and One Piece.

Reflecting on these characters inspired Nichola to develop the bold colour palates and disconnected styles introduced in her collection. The use of hair colours such as yellow, pink and green are very popular in Anime.

Nichola used various shades of these same colours to create texture and give the illusion of light hitting the hair, just like they would when drawing Anime characters. Multiple textures were used to create intricate details within the hair creating different focal points that show off pockets of hidden colour. Each style had an editorial, windswept look to portray movement and the Anime influences in the hair.

Nichola’s love off all things Japan extended into her styling clothes choice to complement the hair. Using a monochrome colour palette, Nichola found inspiration from high end Japanese clothing labels with subtle hints of Harujuku street style vibes, she created an high end modern edgy Japanese clothing style reflecting am anime reference.

Nichola’s vision has created a youthful, playful look which fuses a popular Japanese sub-culture with urban Melbourne living.



Hair Styling: Nichola Lovell

Hair Colour: Nichola Lovell

Photography: Elizabeth Kinnaird

Make Up: Emma Van Breugel

Fashion Styling: Milana De Mina