AHFA 2018 WA Hairdresser Of The YEAR, Jude McEwen

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‘KINTSUGI’ by Jude McEwen
2018 AHFA WA Hairdresser Of The Year Finalist

‘Kintsugi’ represents many different facets of fashion, pop culture, and ancient
art techniques, combining to produce works that are fuelled with futurism,
dimension, and costume, yet with a distinct commercial feminine strength and

‘Kintsugi’, (also known as golden joinery), is the Japanese art of repairing with
gold, treating breakage and repair as part of the history of each object,
celebrating this imperfect beauty, rather than disguising it.

The collection is bound together by the gold ‘thread’ in each image, which
references Kintsugi, paying homage to the beauty of each individual woman.
Working with the different golden fibres and metallic materials as a medium
allowed me to add in different elements and create a different dimension
within the hair.

Drawing inspiration from my love of Game of Thrones and the strength of the
warrior woman, there’s a tough yet ethereal vulnerability to each look.
These strong, beautiful warrior women may have been broken by battles or
the elements, yet the gold thread unites them and represents their survival,
eliciting a feeling that they are more beautiful for having been broken.

This theme is also highlighted by fashion influences from the 2018 Spring
Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear collection, in particular Nicolas Ghesquiere’s
nuanced blending of his signature sportswear with 18-century costuming.

This concept of costume and combining that into an urban wardrobe,
highlighted by intricate embroidery and delicate details in the embellishments,
allowed me to deliver a different dimension to the hair with additional
elements influenced by metals, feathers and fringing.

Hair – Jude McEwen
Photography: Meiji Nguyen
Makeup: Tamzin Mulder
Styling: Jonté Morgan