AHFA 2018 VIC Hairdresser Of The YEAR, Jo Smith

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‘Rapture’ by Jo Smith
2018 AHFA VIC Hairdresser Of The Year Finalist

Collection Inspiration – R A P T U R E Boldly traversing multiple eras, this collection allows for an exceptionally diverse presentation that showcases the work of an experienced stylist with an impeccable skill set.

Maintaining a strong monochromatic theme throughout, Victorian stylist Jo Smith explores a melange of styles and textures within a variety of commercial and editorial looks. Fringes feature heavily and instigate a real talking point within each frame, whilst contrasting textures oscillate from raw and effortless, to highly polished.

Citing Debbie Harry as an initial style stimulus, Smith’s main protagonist captures the seminal rocker vibe complete with a signature bleached blonde mullet with dark matte roots. A second longer length mullet cements the stylist’s penchant for organic styling as well as displaying a progressive disconnection that oozes with modernity. The inclusion of a crop provides a beautiful balance to the collection, whilst an intricate updo reveals dexterity across yet another hairdressing competency. The remaining two images deliver a level of classic opulence to the collection, using traditional perm and set techniques to create oversized shapes that elevate the richness of the overall look and feel. The final compilation lands far left of the punk origin a result of Smith’s obsession with high fashion label Comme des Garçons, which infiltrates the overall architecture of each image.

Shot in classic black and white, Rapture has a feeling of timeless beauty, and again accentuates the stylist’s sway towards creating high contrast and structure within her hair designs.

Collection Credits

Hair Stylist Jo Smith

Colourist Jack Morton

Fashion Stylist Jam Baylon

Make Up Artist Rob Povey

Photographer Elizabeth Kinnaird