“As attitudes, technology and fashion move forward at such a pace, we have to keep up. For me, when I teach, that’s when I learn the most. Its a win-win for student and teacher. Education also provides morale, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as learning something new”

— Jack Morton

TONI&GUY - Katy Reeve

Katy Reeve

TONI&GUY - Dennis Landford

Dennis Langford

TONI&GUY - Elizabeth Shedwick

Elizabeth Shedwick

TONI&GUY - Jack Morton

Jack Morton

TONI&GUY - Aarron Baker

Aarron Baker

Yuki Kano

TONI&GUY - Joe Habbaki

Joe Habbaki

TONI&GUY - Sarah Wall

Sarah Wall

TONI&GUY - Nadia Semanic

Nadia Semanic

TONI&GUY - Jude McEwen

Jude McEwen

TONI&GUY - Kate Comisky

Kate Comisky

TONI&GUY - Liam Potts

Liam Potts