Head of Technical Varder

Elizabeth Shedwick

A highly driven millennial with a strong desire for meaningful connection within the learning environment, Elizabeth Shedwick is a next gen educator who provides a positive compass for ensuring sustainability within hairdressing’s future generation. By championing technical aptitude as a pre-requisite for artistic experimentation, her approach to hairdressing education is both mature and refreshing. Admired for technical wisdom that belies her years and a communication style that promotes continual feedback to optimize student success, the 28-year-old UK expat is a highly commended educator whose methodologies inspire both mature hairdressers and hairdressing youth alike.

As Head of Technical Varder, Elizabeth is responsible for ensuring the skill and service competency of all TONI&GUY Colour Technicians meet the stringent benchmark set by The TONI&GUY International Education Team. This role includes review, assessment and tailored education programming for already qualified hairdressers wishing to transition into a TONI&GUY Salon, and newly qualified hairdressers wanting to start a career within a leading global brand. Additionally, Elizabeth is a Key Educator on The TONI&GUY National Education Programme, a schedule that provides over thirty courses to the broader hairdressing community. From Creative Cut and Colour Workshops to Editorial Look and Learn Sessions, Elizabeth regularly contributes to course content as well as personally delivering over 50% of the 12-month calendar.

Whilst Elizabeth’s role as Head of Technical Varder provides evidence of her epic technical knowledge underpinned by a fascination with hair science, Elizabeth’s natural affinity for creating beautiful editorial hair positions her as a very flexible stylist and popular member of the TONI&GUY Artistic Team. Collaborating on collection shoots as both a colorist and stylist, she encourages fluid dialogue between those who shape and those who shade, with an authentic understanding and appreciation for both angles of artistic approach.

From a curriculum perspective, Elizabeth favors the fundamentals of hairdressingas her modus operandi, holding a firm belief that ‘even the greatest of inventors nail the foundation first’. Her enthusiasm for teaching the classics has most recently seen Elizabeth contribute to a comprehensive review of the TONI&GUY School of Education curriculum and assessment processes, working closely with the internal compliance team and external education bodies to validate TONI&GUY’s pledge to provide best practice in the delivery of education and training.

With a strong sense of local community and social consciousness, during her time ‘out of the office’ Elizabeth is a volunteer at Orange Sky Laundry, a not-for-profit organization that looks to provide laundry facilities for the homeless and perhaps most poignantly act as a catalyst for conversation to help ‘friends on the street’ make gradual steps back into society. Indicative of her quiet yet very hands-on approach, Elizabeth is a star rising on a solid foundation of real substance and skill, a stylist determined to succeed for herself and for the in dustry that she serves.

Elizabeth is based at the TONI&GUY Academy Paddington from Monday to Friday.

TONI&GUY Paddington
255C Oxford Street Paddington NSW 2021