National Technical Director

Jack Morton

Colour is the reason that Jack Morton is a Hairdresser. With a background in Art and Design and an impressive portfolio of original art pieces to boot, this North London born artist is an authentic inventor, who haphazardly stumbled across hair as potentially appealing new canvas.

Having originally applied for a job as a salon receptionist to support extortionate university fees, Jack Morton had no real intention of becoming a hairdresser. And yet, there was something about the colourful culture at TONI&GUY that he found captivating. Fast-forward 15 years and this thirty something dynamo has proven that the laws of colour transcend fluidly from one type of brush to the next, and moreover a life in hairdressing can provide a utopian existence for someone who was born to create.

Jack is continually commended for his approach to colour, a methodology that never allows his own personal taste to take precedence over the taste of the person sat in his chair. Jack believes that he occupies a real position of privilege as a Colourist, entrusted by hundreds of clients and models to bring out the best in their individual look. A trademark that cements Jack’s exquisite eye is his ability to use colour to create shape. His ability to make hair look thicker, finer, narrower or wider,more solid or textured, all through colour placement and the use of depth and tone is a testament to Jack’s infinite skill set and dexterity.

Comfortably transitioning from salon to stage, Jack was appointed as National Technical Director for TONI&GUY in 2015, verification of not only his exquisite personal execution but also his ability to command technical excellence from others. During the first year of his national tenure, Jack was identified as possessing a very unique creative process and regularly commended for his ability to imagine a story, theme or cultural observation and translate seamlessly into a hair design. As a result, Jack has been engaged by a number of profiled salon teams and individual stylists as a creative catalyst, hosting dynamic workshops for those seeking originality, or wanting to understand how to successfully communicate their own ideation process.

Featuring heavily on the TONI&GUY and Wella National Education Calendar, Jack is a popular educator applauded for his authentic tuition style and dynamic stage presence. Totally committed to achieving comprehension amongst all students, instigating a thirst forprofessional and personal success in young trainees and re-igniting enthusiasm in experienced stylists, Jack tours nationally to regularly sold-out events, a testament to his personal appeal across a diverse curriculum.

Intelligent and incredibly witty, an encounter with Jack Morton is a juncture that is professionally revered, an injection of high-octane creativity delivered by a stylist whose feet are firmly planted on the ground. In between (hair) appointments Jack has been found scaling dormant volcanoes to traipsing the gritty streets south of the Thames, an insight into the broad spectrum of his search for inspirational satiation. From Tuesday to Saturday, Jack is based at TONI&GUY Georges, Victoria.

TONI&GUY Georges
195 Little Collins Street Melbourne CBD VIC 3000